What are the benefits of Vocational Rehabilitation: Voc Rehab (Chapter 31)

Service connected disabled veterans may qualify for vocational rehabilitation, commonly referred to as “Voc Rehab.” If the VA determines that the veteran should to attend college to prepare themselves for entering the work place, they will pay the entire cost of tuition/fees and provide a wide range of services to help these disabled student veterans succeed in college. To learn more click here.

Thanks to New GI Bill 2.0, student veterans who qualify for both Voc Rehab and the Post-9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33) can elect to receive the dramatically higher monthly living allowances through the voc rehab program instead of the original subsistence allowance. Rates are calculated for E-5 with dependents at the zip code of the institution. Prior to New GI Bill 2.0 these full time student veterans were receiving as little as $585/month as a subsistence allowance.