What are the benefits of the Reserve Educational Assistance Program: REAP (Chapter 1607)

The Reserve Education Assistance Program, commonly known as REAP or Chapter 1607, was created to help deploying reservists and is still on the books. REAP benefits are still calculated based on a service member's single longest deployment, and not his or her total aggregate service. To learn more click here.

Because the value of REAP is based on a percentage scale of MGIB (Chapter 30), and the value of the MGIB was increased to $1,564/month, the value of REAP has also increased. Here is the new sliding scale:

Active Duty Service

Monthly Benefit

90 Consecutive Days

$625/month (40%)

12 Consecutive Months

$938/month (60%)

24 Consecutive Months or 36 Cumulative Months

$1,251/month (80%)

urthermore, there are still some unresolved VA regulation issues for reservists who get activated from the Inactive Ready Reserve (IRR) and then want to use their education benefits after they separate from the military. IAVA recommends that Reserve and National Guard service members consider using Post-9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33) benefits first. 

For more guidance on which program is right for you, please check out our GI Bill benefits calculator.