VA Wants Emergency GI Bill Payouts Back

Today, Military Times reported that the Veterans Affairs Department is seeking to recoup $3,000 emergency payments sent last year to about 72,000 veterans whose Post-9/11 GI Bill education benefits were delayed — including some active-duty members who were not supposed to get the checks.

If you were one of the 72,000 veterans who took advantage of last year’s emergency checks you should be receiving a collection letter from the VA soon.

The first round of letters has already been sent out to active duty servicemembers, requesting they either turn in their unused checks or setup a payment plan with the VA.

The second round of letters will be sent to veterans sometime later this month or next. The VA will hopefully clearly outline how they intend to recoup the $3,000, but they haven’t announced the exact process.

Most likely the VA will garnish living allowance payments, up to a certain amount each month, until the money is repaid. If you were able, when you got your GI Bill back payment, you set aside that $3,000. But, if you are like most, you understandably spent that $3,000. It is time to start preparing to live a lot more frugally to pay the VA back.

If you are not enrolled in school this term the VA will likely offer you a repayment plan or simply take it from your GI Bill benefits when you reenroll.

IAVA will continue to keep an eye on this and keep you up to date.