VA Adjusts Tuition and Fee Rates in Six States, Tells Nobody

The VA has adjusted the tuition and fee caps for the Post 9/11 GI Bill for the Spring semester to reflect changing tuition and fee charges across the county. Six states are changing their tuition and fee rates and veterans in theses six states will find their benefits change. To see if you are impacted, check IAVA’s updated calculator:

Tuition Fees
CA +$287/credit
IL -$4/term
MA +$258/credit
NM -$212/term
OK +$14,381/term
UT +62,687/term

While IAVA applauds the VA in keeping up with the midterm changes to tuition and fees, it should publicize these changes so that veterans can get an accurate picture of the benefits they receive with the Post 9/11 GI Bill. IAVA has already updated our benefits calculator. Click here to see if these changes affect you.

To reduce confusion and processing time, IAVA is pushing to improve the New GI Bill by removing the tuition and fee caps in each state and create a national baseline. This baseline would be for the Yellow Ribbon Program and tied to the median cost of a private education. Additionally, the VA should be allowed to simply pay the cost of a public undergraduate education without the complicated state to state tuition and fee structures. As we have seen these caps change midyear and exasperate the already taxed benefits processing system. You can read more about IAVA’s recommendations for updating the New GI Bill here.