The Game Clock is Ticking

We’re in the red zone and the clock is ticking on the Summer Storm.

Thanks to you, Team IAVA is just a few plays away from a last-minute touchdown for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans: an upgraded new GI Bill. These crucial upgrades will expand educational benefits for thousands of veterans, including those who attend vocational schools.

Click here to add your name to our letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and demand that Congress vote on this bill before leaving town for election season. We need 10,000 signatures to move 10 yards down the field towards a vote.

This summer, we’ve been pushing Congress to put points on the board with three major issues: disability reform, jobs for vets, and upgrades to the new GI Bill. Because of partisan bickering and the election season, Congress has dropped the ball on disability reform and jobs.

But with your help, we can still score points on the new GI Bill. There are just nine working days left until Congress goes on recess and time is running out. To make it happen, we have to act now.

Take a minute to help us reach 10,000 signatures on IAVA’s letter to Senator Reid, asking for a vote in Congress. Together, we can score a touchdown for new veterans.

Thank you for having our backs