Shinseki: Investing in Veterans

Missed it? On Thursday, VA SecretaryEric Shinseki took to the blogosphere to highlight the economic returns the new Post-9/11 GI Bill will have for our country. "Safely investing one's money requires study of the markets and a reasonable understanding of its forces," he writes. "Here is an investment option that is guaranteed to pay high dividends for years to come: the education of America's Post-9/11 Veterans..."

Shinseki goes on to explain that colleges and universities can help underwrite the success of Veterans, many of whom are not taking the usual route to college.

"They have not spent time in SAT-preparation courses. Instead, they have been serving in high-performing units, practicing teamwork and self-discipline, and learning first hand about peace and freedom. Yet, if schools focus only on a Veteran's standardized test scores or prior academic records, they will miss so much of what these Veterans can offer to their classes and their classmates. Given a chance, they will be among the best students.

They have seen the alternatives to our way of life and appreciate our blessings in ways some may take for granted. They are mature for their years and eager to live productive lives--to make contributions. They are accustomed to working hard and to winning. They form teams easily and know a lot about building trust, having lived and worked with others from diverse backgrounds. They know how to plan, manage time, prioritize tasks, and are disciplined about goals accomplishment.

We face tremendous uncertainties and challenges as a Nation--economic, diplomatic, environmental, and social. We need motivated, energetic and highly educated young people to help us find solutions. We need to find ways, as America has before, to turn uncertainty into opportunity. The Post-9/11 G.I. Bill is a very good place to start."

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