Online Course Tool is an aggregate of the best free and open courseware for students and professionals. It provides a convenient platform to search various courses and share progress from over 500 university and college level classes globally. From biology to accounting, foreign languages to science, ensures that a prospective student gets a world-class education from the world’s top schools and scholars anytime, anywhere.

You may be wondering how much it will cost or how much of your GI Bill benefit it will burn, and the answer on both counts is nothing—it is absolutely free. Check it out for yourself; the platform is a free and comprehensive resource that contains videos, audio lectures, and notes given by professors at prestigious institutions like Harvard, Princeton, and MIT. The program offers highly relevant courses such as iPhone Application Development from Stanford and Cyber Humor from Oxford or Computer Science at UC, Berkeley. Students can learn about an array of subjects to see what sorts of things can be gleaned in a respective course, while also understanding how an online program functions.

Read, listen to, or watch lectures online, take notes or read through provided content, and take quizzes and assessments to see how much you take away in an online environment. Many veterans gravitate towards the online degrees and schools for the flexibility it allows for a family and career outside their education. These programs are efficient in this way, but are sometimes more difficult for the same reasons. You are expected to manage time more effectively than in-the-classroom courses—becoming a sort of self-starter and self-motivated learner. This is where can be an invaluable tool when considering they type of program you are interested in, and in what capacity you learn best.

Navigate around the website to learn more and get a feel for the online learning environment before you enroll. Once you have fully informed yourself and you think you are ready to dive in to your future, check out our New GI Bill Calculator to see how your benefits are affected at various institutions. Remember however, the GI Bill’s Monthly Housing Allowance is prorated based on your rate of pursuit, and student-veterans taking courses completely online will only receive the maximum of the national average BAH rate, which is currently $684. You can manipulate the variables in our calculator to better understand how to best utilize your benefits in getting the education that fits your lifestyle.

-Ryan Weemer is a USMC veteran and is an Education Case Manager at IAVA.