New GI Bill 2.0 Slated for Passage in the Senate

After two years of hard work and tireless advocacy by IAVA and other veterans groups, the Senate is slated to consider New GI Bill 2.0 as early as today. Yesterday, Majority Leader Harry Reid “hotlined” the bill which will bring New GI Bill 2.0 to the Senate floor for immediate consideration. If this bill passes the Senate, the House could consider the bill as early as next week.

The Post-9/11 GI Bill was a historic commitment to this generation of veterans, but unfortunately tens of thousands of veterans were left behind. Too many young veterans find themselves unable to take advantage of these GI Bill benefits. Many other veterans who are already using the New GI Bill have had their benefits cut by needlessly complicated regulations in Chapter 33. New GI Bill 2.0 (S.3447) finishes the work on the Post-9/11 GI Bill by:

  • Vocational Training: Offering invaluable job training for students studying at vocational schools.
  • Title 32 AGR: Granting National Guardsmen responding to national disasters full GI Bill credit.
  • Distance Learners: Providing living allowances for veterans in distance learning programs.
  • Tuition/Fees: Expanding and simplifying the Yellow Ribbon Program.
  • Active Duty: Including a book stipend for active duty students.

Swift passage of New GI Bill 2.0 would be a huge victory for veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan and would grant the VA enough time to properly implement the new changes.