House Passes GI Bill Grandfather Clause

Last week, the House passed H.R.1383 which, if enacted, will allow veterans in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Hampshire, New York, South Carolina, and Texas to receive their original Post-9/11 tuition and fees rates when changes to the bill take effect this August 1st.

To fix confusing and inequitable GI Bill regulations, Congress passed a bill last year to create an even, $17,500 baseline for student veterans across the country. However, some veterans enrolled in colleges in states with high tuition rates would actually be negatively impacted by these changes taking effect in August. H.R.1383 would let these veterans finish college without having to face financial distress and potentially having to drop out of school. IAVA commends the House, the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee and Committee Chairman Jeff Miller for introducing and passing this piece of legislation to ensure veterans in these states can continue to take full advantage of their benefits.