Breaking: Congress Quits on Veterans

Congress forfeited the game - and it's vets who will now lose out.

It's outrageous, but true. Congress shut down a week early for the election season, leaving urgent GI Bill upgrades on the field and unfinished. Because of their inaction, thousands of vets will now be left waiting for their rightly-earned benefits.

For the past few weeks, you helped us push Congress to pass a critical bill that would upgrade and expand the new GI Bill. Over 10,000 Americans joined the fight. Together, we moved the ball as far down the field as we could - all the way to the ten yard line. We did everything we could, and Congress gave up in the red zone.

It's clear where Washington's priorities lie. Instead of delivering results for vets as the clock ticked down, Congress focused on political point scoring and partisan bickering.

We needed a touchdown, and they walked off the field. That's unacceptable.

Washington may have quit, but IAVA hasn't. We'll keep fighting for vets.

This game is far from over. We'll be making some big plays soon, so stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter for play-by-play updates.

Thank you for having our backs.